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Accelerating the establishment of the Egyptian Space Agency and the City of Space Science

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In a meeting with the PM in the presence of the Ministers of Higher Education and Communication:

Accelerating the completion of the steps to establish the space agency

The government reviews on July 13 the draft law of the city of space science,

Technicians are appointed in the agency. Other posts financial, administrative and service are lamented.

Work immediately on issuing licenses for the necessary construction. The allocation of 80 acres additional project

PM Sherif Ismail held a meeting to review the steps to complete the establishment of the Agency Egyptian space and space science, in the presence of the ministers of higher education and communications.

Following the submission of a comprehensive study of the President of the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences from the steps to the establishment of the Agency, the PM stressed on the need to accelerate the completion of the executive steps for the completion of the project. It was decided, inter alia the decisions included:

• Introduced the draft law on the establishment of the Agency Egyptian space and the city of space science to the meeting of the Council of Ministers a session of July 13.

• Professionals in accordance with the regulations of the Agency, according to their needs, either with regard to the fiscal and managerial functions and service is through the secondment scars from the administrative apparatus of the State.

• Approval to put the Declaration on the appointment of 50 engineers.

• Work immediately on issuing licenses for the necessary construction as a national project, and the allocation of 80 additional acres after reviewing the ministry of housing, and to be the headquarters of the Agency in the city.

The Chairman of the Remote Sensing Authority of that dimension of the Egyptian space and space science is the entity responsible for developing strategies for Egypt in space and the creation of the necessary infrastructure to establish satellite industry of remote sensing and communications. The project includes the establishment of the Academy of Space Science Center and the compilation of the satellites, reception center and satellite pictures. He added that the Agency aimed at transferring and the development of space science and technology including serve the state strategy in the areas of development.