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Egypt and China:common business projects

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   On the sidelines of his visit to China to participate in the first session of the Chinese International Import Fair in Shanghai, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, welcomed at his residence today the Chairman of CSCEC of China, The Minister of Commerce and Industry, and the leaders of the Chinese company.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister pointed out that the choice of the Chinese company to implement the financial and business district including high-rise towers was based on the outstanding reputation of the company as one of the best companies in the world, which has the ability and capabilities to carry out the tasks entrusted with the best efficiency and the lowest possible time.

He added that President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi pays great attention to seeing the company's projects come to light and appear on the ground as soon as possible especially that the transition to the new administrative capital is nearing.

Dr. Mustapha Medbouli pointed out that once the agreement on the second phase of the project will be completed, it will begin work in parallel with the first phase.

The Prime Minister illustrated on the fact that the Egyptian companies working in the government district are making rapid progress in trading projects, as a result the Chinese company will be able keep pace with the rapid rates when implementing projects in the administrative capital. Adding on that, Dr. Madbouly says: “the ball is now in the stadium of the Chinese company to show its capabilities and potential huge, A new Chinese miracle is being realized on the land of Egypt,”.

For his part, the chairman of the company said that they consider the political and economic common interests of the leaders of Egypt and China in the ongoing projects between the two countries. The chairman of the company indicated that they will pursue utmost efforts to accelerate the completion of the work, where they will hold a meeting this week to guide more assignments to the implementers in Egypt. Most importantly he is calling for more company experts to enhance implementation volume and accelerate mutual trade performance.

Moreover, the chairman of the company said that they also intend to train about 10 thousand Egyptian workers on construction and project management skills through free training courses, in addition to the construction of training camps and housing at the expense of the company, and the ownership of those buildings will later be to the Egyptian government.

The Prime Minister praised the coming mutual trading move because of its significant return on employment opportunities for Egyptian labor, as well as providing the highest levels of training for the workers involved, consequently improving and further developing the construction sector in Egypt.

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly stressed that the company should put in mind during the various stages of implementing the goals of minimizing the cost.

Last but not least, the chairman of the company concluded by stressing that CSCEC is seeking to “write a new history through its business in Egypt, and will execute its giant projects inspired by the spirit and determination of the ancient Egyptians when they built the great pyramids,”.