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Cabinet meeting No 62.. Read the details

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The cabinet reviewed during his meeting today a report on the activities and projects that are being implemented within the comprehensive development plan of Sinai Peninsula 2016/2017, which included a follow up on implementation rates and obstacles that need to be addressed.

The Prime Minister appreciated the achieved results and confirmed the necessity to continue serious work to terminate these projects on schedule, to increase the efficiency of the public services and to enhance the development objectives, to better contribute in ameliorating public services and life conditions of Sinai's population.       

The report discussed projects which are being established in different sectors including establishing the industrial zone of Abu Zenima in South Sinai, Arish University and New City of Rafah, in addition to offering all possible facilitations for interested investors in Sinai, particularly in fields of housing, infrastructure, logistic services, electricity generation, petroleum, and projects of Suez Canal Economic Zone. The report included procedures of further increasing financial incentives to attract workers from governorates of South and North Sinai, ameliorating medical services at Al Arish hospital and transforming the Family Medicine Center to an Emergency Hospital.

The report also displayed projects contained in the Arab Funds Financing Plan, which includes completion of the  road network, establishment of  the basic and agricultural infrastructure to development clusters in Sinai Peninsula, building El Tor City University, setting up Algady route with 80 Km length, a new culvert under the  two Suez Canals to transport 1 million m3 of water daily to eastern canal bank in addition to the constructing of a desalination plant  in east Port Said  with a capacity of 150.000 m3/d, in addition to the  completion of Oyon Moussa – Sharm Al Shiekh road, and developing the fishing port.

The Cabinet also reviewed the outlines of the first executive phases of the general population census that starts today presented by Major General / Abu Bakr Algendy, head of Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), he highlighted the directions of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to focus attention on this issue that represents an important opportunity to create a comprehensive and detailed database on population, housing (residential and non-residential units) and facilities as well as close monitoring of all economic activities, in order to use it to serve the purposes of sustainable development. The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of the general population census, requesting authorities to provide support for this effort, increase capabilities of the employees enabling them to overcome all obstacles to collect accurate and audited data, he also called on citizens to assist the agency representatives by providing them correct information.


1. Approval of a draft law amending some provisions of Law No. 68 of 1976 on the control of precious metals and high value stones exploration, to include harsher penalties on illegal exploration activities or the establishment of facilities for this purpose.

2. Approval of a draft law concerning the amendment of the organizational regulations of National Council for Women, allowing better contribution to the goals of promoting and developing and protecting of the rights and freedoms of women under the provisions of the Constitution and in accordance with international conventions and covenants ratified by Egypt, as well as the dissemination of awareness and guaranteeing their implementation, and the consolidation of equality and equal opportunities and non-discrimination values.

3. Approval of a draft decree of the President of the Republic on the sub-agreement signed in Cairo on 28/12/2016 between the Governments of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Canada on the implementation of school feeding projects in host communities of refugees in Egypt.

4. Approval of a draft sub-agreement between Egypt and Canada on the implementation of fulfillment of urgent educational needs program in the host communities for refugees in Egypt. The program includes the implementation of projects aimed to improve Egyptians and Syrians children's life conditions.

5. Approval of a draft sub-agreement between Egypt and Canada on the implementation of skills development project which aims to increase employment opportunities for at least 6,000 of male and female youth, through strengthening training institutions.

6. The Cabinet also approved in principle to include a financial support for the orphan son of poor households in "Takaful"  social program, as well as to study the possibility of offering financial support for children under school age in order to help them better nutrition during their early years.